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A Letter from 2029

A Letter From 2029… Why Envision Your Future Self?​What I’ve learned and it’s proven by many psychologists & mindset gurus out there is that, your thoughts &  beliefs create your feelings, then you take actions from the way you feel about something, and because of your actions, you get the results/outcomes you currently have.In other […]

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How to Set up Goals?

​Raise you hand if  you have Big DREAMS? If you’ve been told to aim BIG and set up Crazy BIG GOALS ? or how about this one? To stay POSITIVE & Motivated!!!Have you set them up only to end up not achieving them?This has been Me for a long time, planning, setting up, starting strong until […]

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Your Big Why?

Hi, It’s Violeta. I this post I’d love to start a conversation about a very important part of the puzzle, in my opinion, “Your Big Why!”. WHY, do you need to know it in a first place, and WHY everybody is bragging about it? Because, when you are clear o n your why, you are clear on your purpose. Because, […]

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