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Hi, It’s Violeta.

I this post I'd love to start a conversation about a very important part of the puzzle, in my opinion, "Your Big Why!".

WHY, do you need to know it in a first place, and WHY everybody is bragging about it?

Because, when you are clear o n your why, you are clear on your purpose.

Because, if you know it deep in your core; if you know why you are doing what you are doing; why you are in this business in a first place, then no matter what anybody else is telling you, no matter what the opinions of other people are, you’ll stay focused on your goal, you’ll be able to attract people who share the same values as yours, you’ll be able to articulate your message better, not just telling people what you do and how you do it, but why you are doing it. 

You’ll be able to talk to people from inside - out not the other way around.

After all, everything starts with you in mind, and it’s very important to be clear on what matters the most to you, so you can build your practice around it, not the other way around.

I wish someone had told me that 16 yrs ago, when I’ve just started my real estate career.

I wish they’ve told me the importance of knowing my "big why", and the big role that it will play for the success of my business in a long run, and for my own sake.

So, what’s Your Why?

I am sure it’s different then mine. Everybody has their own.

How to find it?

I’ve been a part of many coaching & training events, challenges & classes; reading many self help books, and listening to many podcasts on the topic.

And to make it easier for you, I came with a list of questions to go through, to guide you throughout the process by using the minimalist approach in mind. 

My goal is not to overwhelm you but to help you get more stuff done fast using simple step process.

Please click here to download the workbook. Find a quiet place, shut off your phone and all other distractions, and go deep into it. It should not take you more than 30 min. - 1 hr. to go through.

Your comments are greatly appreciated, and they will help me improve, and write about topics that interests  you most.

At the end of this exercise you should be able to be very clear on you purpose and how your business will support it.

In my next blog post, I’ll go over on how to set your goals, again trying to make the process as simple as possible to follow, with the minimalist approach in mind.

Based on what you’ve discovered for yourself today, you’ll be able set up your goals.

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you’ve got some value for investing your time.

Make It a Great Day! 

All My BEST,


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"In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is being invisible." ---- Seth Godin

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