How to Set up Goals? | Violeta Marinova

Raise you hand if  you have Big DREAMS? If you've been told to aim BIG and set up Crazy BIG GOALS ? or how about this one? 

To stay POSITIVE & Motivated!!!

Have you set them up only to end up not achieving them?

This has been Me for a long time, planning, setting up, starting strong until life gets on the way, and not following through, and ending up not so strong... It's just like all New Years Resolutions...

One of my mentors (Brooke Castillo) thought me a new way to do it which makes more sense to me and so far I've been staying on top of my priorities, calendar and mindset.

So here are the steps I am using now when I set up goals, plan, schedule & follow through:

Step 1. Set up a Long term BIG Goal.

Example: In 10 years, I will make $ 1,000,000.

Step 2. Break it down.

$____________________ in 5 years

$ ___________________ in 3 years

$____________________ in 1 year

Step 3. Break the 1 year Goal to:

$ ____________________ per quarter

$ ____________________ per month.

$ ____________________ per week.

$ ____________________ per day.

Step 4. Ask yourself the following questions:

1.  What are the THREE RESULTS I need to Create to achieve these RESULTS?

2. What I should do in order to achieve each of these Results? Make a "To Do" list for Each of the Results you need in order to create your OUTCOME.

3. What are the OBSTACLES that I might face in completing my "To Do" list ?

4. How will I OVERCOME those OBSTACLES? Write a Plan/Decision ahead of time for each one of the obstacles you might encounter.

5. How I'll need to change in order to become the person who already achieved this RESULT?

If you really want to achieve something and follow through this process, i believe it will help you.

This is just scratching the surface but I hope it will give you a new concept to try if you like me have big dreams, get motivated, start strong and don't get the outcomes you aiming for.

Please ask your questions in the comments below.